We have all the tools and preparation necessary to support our clients in this important construction process, helping to visualize and define their ideas, exceeding all kinds of expectations. We serve as a guide in each step of the creative and constructive process. Furthermore, we have collaborated with renowned architects to make their projects come true.


Construction is our greatest strength. Thanks to experience in the field and trained human capital, we can offer quality work that meets all customer specifications. In our curriculum we have works as diverse as residences and apartments, public buildings, shops and industrial warehouses; but more than anything we have satisfied customers who guarantee our quality and service.


Based on the recognized methodology of the Project Management Institute (PMI), we carry out everything concerning the planning and programming of projects with the sole purpose of achieving full customer satisfaction, taking maximum care of the 3 main aspects: time, cost, and the quality. Supported by the same PMI technology, we carry out constant control and monitoring of the project, in order to anticipate possible eventualities that may arise.


We constantly analyze new construction strategies and procedures in order to generate technologies to improve the project and make it more profitable for our clients.


For the years that we have been in the construction field and thanks to the human capital that we have, at ICCSA we provide the works supervision service. With this service we offer the guarantee to our clients that their projects are being executed in accordance with quality, time and cost standards, following the specifications established in the executive project.


Likewise, we advise on everything related to construction projects, administration and control of work and construction methods.


We are a company with ESR insignia and we are committed to the main issues of corporate social responsibility. We implement improvements continually improving and focusing productively and structurally.


We manage safety with planning, identifying improvements, coordinating, controlling, and directing construction safety activities.


We have more than 10 years of experience committed to quality and safety in the works we participate in.

We contribute to the success of our clients by performing through our resources, processes and good practices set by the guidelines above the industry standard. Additionally, we are responsible with a social and environmental conscience that support the well-being of Mexico.


Our capacity as a construction company is not limited, we have carried out projects of up to 200,000 m2. We have the necessary personnel to attend to the client’s needs.


We have the ability to carry out special projects, both in magnitude, impact, complexity or with special requirements.


Our commitment is a high profitability in projects, using resources efficiently and adding a high standard of quality, being a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company.


  • Malls
  • Parking lots
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial ships
  • Corporate offices
  • Universities